Preferred Customers Can Enjoy Below Retail Pricing

As a preferred customer you can enjoy and benefit from American Dream’s exclusive products at a discount off the retail price. (Customers can enjoy and benefit from our products, but do not earn commissions and are not involved in the American Dream business model). A customer may become an American Dream Independent Distributor at any time.

Preferred Customers can order one bottle or more at any time. Preferred Customers are not required to be on the autoship program.

Current Products Available

Advanced Anti-Aging Formula
$59 per bottle

Stem Cell Release Factor
Advanced Stem Cell Nutrition
$69.45 per bottle

Keto Fat Burner
Keto Diet support
$59 per bottle

Nitro Factor
Cardiovascular super food
$55 per container

Get Juiced
100 + Ingredients
$45 per bottle

Wild Shiaga
With Essential Oils
$49 per bottle

Clear Heart
Advanced Cardio Therapy
$55 per bottle

Super Omegas 3+6+9
Mega Daily Essentials
$55 per bottle

Limited Time Special:
2 Bottles for ONLY $49

Nu-Derma Gold
Anti-aging Serum
$74.50 per bottle

$59 per bottle
(Compare to TLC’s price of $99)

HUGE case quantity discounts. Also, as an American Dream Distributor you can purchase our products by the case for retail sales. You can earn up to 70% Retail Profit, that’s huge.

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