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- The Doctor's Review -

Dr. James Jensen, M.D.

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                                     — Dr. James Jensen, M.D.

Dr. Tim Chapman, M.D. writes:

“My comment is . . . to acknowledge a product that has significantly created immune system enhancing activities, both safely and repetitively. It’s called “Wild Conk Tawtnuk”. Its anti-neoplastic and immune-stimulating efficacies are superior.” — Dr. Tim Chapman, M.D.

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- Stay Healthy - Precautions to take -

-To avoid getting sick, there are some easy rules to follow. These guidelines range from immune-boosting supplements (listed above) to actions that reduce risk and protect others around you.

- Get consistent and adequate rest -

-Healthy immune function is highly dependent on sleep, and compromising sleep can leave you vulnerable to not only viruses like Coronavirus, but other illnesses as well.

- Stay home if you’re sick -

-Staying home when you’re not well is just as much for your benefit as those around you. You never know who else may be immune-compromised, or recovering from another cold or flu that can make them susceptible to the germs you may be spreading when you’re out and about.

- Take care to cover coughs and sneezes -

-This seems like a no-brainer, but many people neglect to realize that droplets of mucus can spread up to 15 feet when we cough or sneeze. Coughing into your elbow or arm is a good alternative to covering with your hands, as we usually go on to touch other things with our hands and could still be spreading germs.

- Wash your hands - Keep them away
from your face 

-Often, the most effective ways to keep well are simple mechanical actions we’re all capable of doing. Washing your hands should be your go-to action, use hand sanitizer where soap and water isn’t available.  Wash with soap and hot water.

- Avoid Travel to restricted regions -

-Currently, the CDC has listed China, Iran, Japan, Italy, and South Korea as travel destinations where community transmission of COVID-19 is active. Does that mean you’ll absolutely contract it if you go there? No. But while traveling, and especially in international airports, it’s a great idea to follow these precautions to the letter.  Stay at home, be safe.

- Should I Get a Mask? -

– Media and news coverage shows many people wearing masks to cover their face and nose. Without a proper explanation for this action, it may lead many to believe this is a precaution we should take to avoid becoming sick.

– Wearing a mask, however, is done to protect others around you when YOU may be sick. It’s a courtesy to others when out in the community so as not to spread droplets that could contain germs.

- Maximum Immune Support -

-To maximize immune support, incorporate some of these supplements and remedies to make sure your immune system is in top shape.

- The Bigger Picture -

-Illness can be scary. But much of what causes panic is a lack of information and understanding.

-The most important thing to do is keep a level head and evaluate data as it becomes available.

-The best thing we can all do is be prudent with our actions to avoid spreading any germs.

-Share this valuable information with someone who may not be as well-informed as you are!

-Make smart decisions to build a robust immune system.

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